Flight Recorder of Bulgarian MiG-29, which Crashed June 9, Has Been Recovered

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Sofia, June 24 (BTA) - The flight recorder of a Bulgarian Air Force MiG-29 jet fighter, which crashed in the Black Sea on June 9, has been recovered from a depth of 70 metres with the help of equipment provided by a private company, Defence Minister Georgi Panayotov said in Stara Zagora (Southeastern Bulgaria) on Thursday. The recorder is on board a Navy vessel
and will be transported to the Graf Ignatievo Air Base.

Panayotov specified that the outer shell of the device is damaged but there is reason to believe that the inner shell is intact and the information contained in it can hopefully be
retrieved before the end of the day.

The aircraft crashed at 00:45 hrs local time on June 9 while performing a training mission over Bulgarian territorial waters in the Black Sea during the Shabla 2021 Field Firing Exercise.
The pilot, Major Valentin Terziev, 47, was killed in the accident. The plane disappeared from the radar screens immediately after Terziev reported that he had hit an illuminated flying target. Probably due to a parachute failure, the target started falling much faster than expected.

The Defence Minister said that an investigation into the incident is in progress and the flight recorder data will enable investigators to reach conclusions about the cause of the
crash. The investigation is due for completion by July 9. All leads are being followed. NV/ZH, LG

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