NATO is sending F-16s to Bulgaria for the Thracian Star 2023 exercise 29 апр 2023 | 00:03 views (5615) commentaries(0)
Send to KindleBulgaria: NATO is sending F-16s to Bulgaria for the Thracian Star exercise 2023
Greek F-16 aircraft will fly this week over Bulgaria as part of the joint flight training "Thracian Star".

During the flight training, air combat with medium-altitude fighters, defensive and offensive air operations, tactical interceptions, visual aerial reconnaissance, low- and ultra-low-altitude route flights, close air support, search and conditional strikes on land (sea) objects.

Bulgaria will participate with aviation personnel, aircraft maintenance and special equipment.

The Greek Air Force will carry out flights with F-16 aircraft without landing at a Bulgarian airport, the Ministry of Defense specifies.

From there they recall that the "Thracian Star" exercise has been held since 2010. However, the current exercise is also in the context of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, the ministry notes that one of the goals is to achieve higher interoperability of the Air Force for participation in operations under the auspices of NATO.

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