The first helicopter Panther landed in Bulgaria 07 окт 2011 | 16:33 views (2322) commentaries(0)
img On October 9 (Sunday) at the air base "Chaika" (Varna) will be officially presented to the media first bulgarian helicopter AS 565MB "Panther".
This was announced today podp.Milen Hintolarski, the new commander of the "Chaika" to special magazine "Club wings" during the celebrations for 70 years airbase Balchik.
The first AS 565MB Panther for the Bulgarian Navy landed at 3 pm at Varna Airport on October 5.
Photo Rumen Stoyanov:
By the end of the year will arrive and the other two AS 565 Panther.
The transition of the first "Panther" was conducted between October 3 to 5. We recall that so far three groups are prepared in France. As is well known during the visit of Minister Anyu Angelov international aviation exhibition in Bourget in June this year agreed to reduce the number of helicopters "Panther" for the Bulgarian Navy from six to three.



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