Tne Bulgarian Navy Panther helicopters are coming by the end of the year! 29 юни 2011 | 20:46 views (5635) commentaries(0)
img Bulgaria signed an agreement with EADS's helicopter unit Eurocopter to reduce its initial order of six Panther helicopters for its navy to three, the Bulgarian defense ministry announced. Тhe advance funds already transferred by the Bulgarian government to Societe Generale, the intermediary bank, for all six originally negotiated helicopters will be used to cover the cost of the three Panthers that Bulgaria will receive. The price will also cover equipment and spare parts as well penalties.
The unsolved issues will be discussed in the future meetings in the spirit of the good will and understanding.
The Panther helicopters will be unique for the Bulgarian Navy, which grounded the Soviet era Mi-14 Haze helicopters and currently has none to fly. The Panthers will be stationed in the Chaika air base near Varna; they are expected in September, October, and November 2011. The new helicopters can be used for reconaissance and control of aquatory, SAR, MEDEVAC, fighting illegal trafficiking, humanitarian operations.
The contract with Eurocopter was singed by former Defense Minister Nikolay Svinarov in January 2005. Under it, Bulgaria was supposed to receive 12 Cougar helicopters for the Bulgarian Air Force, and 6 Panther helicopters for the Bulgarian Navy at the price of EUR 358 M.
One of the three Panther helicopters that are to be delivered to the Bulgarian Navy was exhibited at the Paris Air show.

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