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Source: Force For Good

On 7th December 1942, 10 Royal Marine Cockleshell Heroes disembarked from the submarine HMS Tuna, and set out in canoes nicknamed "cockles" to attack the German-occupied port of Bordeaux. Only two were to make it back from Operation Frankton.

Under the command of Dublin-born Major H Hasler and Oban-born Lieutenant J W Mackinnon, the team had set sail in HMS Tuna from Holy Loch on 30 November.

The aim was to paddle into the Port of Bordeaux, avoid the heavy naval presence, sink 6-12 cargo ships, and then escape overland to Spain.

Corporal Sheard and Marine Moffat were to perish in the sea.

Lieutenant Mackinnon, Sergeant Wallace, Corporal Laver, and Marines Conway, Mills and Ewart were to be captured and die by firing squad.

Major Hasler and Marine Sparks were to make it home after an incredible overland escape.

A plaque commemorating the Cockleshell Heroes was installed on the war memorial at Lazaretto point, on the shores of Holy Loch, in 2012 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary.

Pictured: The striking Stockport memorial to Marine James Conway was designed by Luke Perry of Industrial Heritage Stronghold. It is a bronze sculpture with a steel armature of James' torso and paddle to depict his efforts between HMS Tuna and the shore. He was only 20 years old when he was executed on the 23 March 1943

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