Successful testing of an upgraded infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2M at Zmeevo range 13 дек 2019 | 17:37 views (2317) commentaries(0)
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The BMP-2M modernized infantry fighting vehicle, created on the basis of the BMP-1 (Soviet production) , was presented at the Zmeevo Central Army Range on December 11, 2019. The tests were monitored by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Velichkov.

"The tests of the modernized infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) have been successful. The close and long distance targets were hit. An analysis will be made by experts from the Land Forces and if the need for the demonstrated new capabilities of the upgraded BMP is confirmed, it will move to a procurement procedure in accordance with the legislation, "commented Deputy Minister Velichkov after the tests. He noted that the Bulgarian defense-technological industrial base needed to develop at a pace that would catch up with the increased requirements of the Bulgarian Army. “Every one BGN invested in the development of the Bulgarian economy is a good investment. It would be good if the supply of new weapons (from abroad) is accompanied by industrial cooperation with a Bulgarian partner, and even better when the development itself is of a Bulgarian company in cooperation with the TEREM military-repair factories, ”Deputy Minister Velichkov said, adding that this provides security of supply when performing restoration and repair activities.

The modernization demonstrated today consists in the installation of a new turret with a 30-mm cannon, anti-tank missilesand a 7.62-mm machine gun. The turret is double armored applying modern technology. The gun is stabilized during movement. The battle module has an optical-television system and a video monitor. The housing of the base machine is equipped with additional hatches.

The proposal for the modernization is of the Bulgarian company Metalika-AB EOOD (Sole Owner LLC), and the mounting of the combat module and its adaptation to the existing BMP-1 were carried out by Terem-Ivaylo EOOD, Veliko Tarnovo. As a result, the BMP-2M gained new, higher combat capabilities.



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