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img Lynx on the hunt

Rheinmetall (External Stands D261/D211) has unveiled its latest Lynx tracked infantry fighting vehicle, developed as a private venture to meet a perceived gap in the market for a vehicle that is capable of being used for a wide range of battlefield missions.

Ben Hudson, head of the recently formed Rheinmetall Vehicle Systems Division, said: “Lynx is an advanced new modular family of vehicles that offers our customers the highest levels of survivability, mobility, lethality and capacity.”

To meet different user requirements there are two versions of the Lynx, the KF31 and KF41, with the KF standing for Kettenfahrzeug (German for tracked vehicle). The KF31 shown at Eurosatory has a crew of three consisting of commander, gunner and driver, with six dismounts in the rear. The KF41 is longer and weighs 38 tonnes and in addition to its crew of three has eight dismounts.

The hull is of all-welded steel fitted with modular armour, with special protection against top attack weapons. The double floor provides a high level of protection against mines.

The first Lynx is fitted with the latest-generation Rheinmetall Lance turret, armed with a 35mm dual-feed cannon with air bursting munition capability, and an externally powered Rheinmetall 7.62mm coaxial machine gun to the right, with a pod of two anti-tank guided weapons on the left side of the turret.

In addition to being fitted with a computerised fire control system, the Lance turret has a stabilised electro-optical sight system, which includes day/ thermal sights incorporating a laser rangefinder for commander and gunner, so allowing hunter/ killer target engagements.

The vehicle is powered by a Liebherr diesel engine developing 635kW coupled to an Allison automatic transmission.

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