An incident with the Bulgarian Spartan military plane happened, in the course of a training maneuver on the ground at Graf Ignatievo Airport. 22 яну 2018 | 09:00 views (16583) commentaries(0)
img There were no injured or harmed servicemen from the C-27J Spartan crew

Damage was caused to the plane. The case is being investigated.
Often the prime minister sends this plane to transport sick or hurt people. For his first visit to Brussels as President Radev chose to fly not with the government plane but with the military.
In December, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that only one of the three Spartans is condition to fly and they will all not fly after 31 December. "Of the 12" Cougars", eight do not fly because it is not enough to pay for them. But no one notices that they are not flying because they do not have the functions ...
In October, there was discontent among the military pilots of Graf Ignatievo. They have decided not to conduct training flights, but only those who are within the framework of their duties under the so-called Air Polising Mission - guards at NATO borders. The pilots massively reported that they did not feel psychologically prepared to fly.

In response, Prime Minister Borisov said: "As for the Bulgarian military pilots, no one else has received such benefits like them. Our governments have so far paid hundreds of millions of euros for Bulgarian pilots and very little for Bulgarian land forces, Bulgarian sailors and all others. "

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