Israeli Kfir is offered to Bulgarian Air force 07 юли 2011 | 21:24 views (5214) commentaries(2)
A ‘museum’ aircraft with new avionics for the Bulgarian Air force

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Last week we were the first to inform about the coming visit of Israeli company IAI ( and today IAI offered Kfir as a new combat aircraft for the Bulgarian Air force.
It coincided with the two days visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Bulgaria, which may bring another competitor for a new fighter for Bulgarian Air force – the modernized Kfir C.60. Two weeks ago the Bulgaria defense minister Anu Angelov was ‘tempted’ by such an offer when visited the IAI booth at the Paris Air show. The supposed price in times smaller compared to the ones offered by the companies requested by RfI, sent in February to Eurofighter, SAAB, Boeing and Martin Lockheed.
And the official announcement from today is that Bulgaria and Israel will hold a first joint session of their governments and sign a defence cooperation agreement on July 7 in Sofia, the Bulgarian foreign ministry said Tuesday. "This is the first joint session that Israel holds with another country in the (Balkan) region," ministry spokeswoman Vesela Cherneva said. Cherneva said the two countries will sign a bilateral agreement for defence cooperation, with Israeli companies encouraged to participate in the modernisation of Bulgaria's defence equipment.


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    Michael Leon 01 яну 2013, 00:09

    It makes economic sense to Bulgaria to acquire some 12-24 Kfir fighter interceptors (either modernised older airframes to save costs - or new ones that would be somewhat more expensive) - as the Kfir is a very reliable fighter interceptor with secondary strike capability that meets Bulgaria's needs more than adequately, and this buy would save Bulgaria a lot of money.
    The Kfir's success in the 1982 Israeli-Syrian air war prompted Western Europe's aviation firms to design NG fighter bomber and strike cum interceptor aircraft with a delta wing design coupled to forward swept-back canards which resulted in the 4-Nation (UK-Germany-Italy-Spain) Eurofighter Typhoon; the French Rafale and the Swedish SAAB JAS 39 Gripen.
    Furthermore, Israel's NAMMER program had also involved South Africa (Cheetah); Brazil (Puma); Argentina (Dagger or FINGER); Chile (Panther or Panthera) - and even Pakistan obtained South-African expertise to develop the Rose 1/2/3 using some French expertise as well.
    All delta winged aircrafts with swept-back canards design!
    ML in Denmark! (CPR Nr. 011063-3653)

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    Michael Leon 01 яну 2013, 01:02

    Follow this link, and these revelations show that Bulgaria may have either bought some 12-24 Israeli Kfir C.60s - or leased them for some 10-15 years or so.
    The Bulgarian AF may be buying some time to wait for the eventual purchase of more advanced types like the Eurofighter Typhoon, French Rafale or Swedish JAS 39 Gripen - or even for clearance from the Americans to acquire the JSF?
    All said, Israel should continue its single and twin-engined development of the Kfir to more advanced versions - as there will always be s=certain air arms like those in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa/Asia that will require a high-low mix of aircrafts, or less costly alternatives compared to the current expensive ones in service or still under development - and also to keep abreast in 'fighter' aviation technologies, and just in case of emergencies.
    Just imagine a brand new built airframe Kfir 2000 with SkyShield, and other latest advanced avionics, electronics and radar technologies; and other add-ons like the Rafael Litening 4/5/6 targeting pods, CEW pods, etc. - and Israel could obtain self-sufficiency to a larger extent in case 'extreme anti-Semitism' is once again unleashed against Israel!?
    NOTE: At the same time, we could always opt to export some of our aircrafts as well!
    ML in Denmark (CPR Nr. 011063-3653)

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