"Trojan Footprint-South - 2021" EX of Special Forces

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The exercise "Trojan Footprint-South - 2021" is held from 3 to 16 May in Bulgaria and is part of a series of exercises within the "Defender Europe - 2021". It involves about 230 troops, military equipment and machinery from the Bulgarian Joint Special Operations Command (JCC), Special forces from the United States, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The leading structure of the training is the Command of the US Special Operations Forces in Europe (SOCEUR). On the Bulgarian side, the training leader is Commander of the Joint Command of Special Operations of the Bulgarian Army, Major General Yavor Mateev.


On 13th of May 2021 special forces from the Joint Special Operations Command of Bulgaria put on a display of their combat capabilities for visitors from the U.S., UK, and Spain. Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov, Ambassador Mustafa and Major General David Tabor were special guests to the demonstration.

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"Trojan Footprint-South - 2021" EX of Special Forces


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